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    Pawan-Mukt-Asana Series

    Pawan means wind; Mukt means release and Asana means posture. This is a group of exercises that release wind and gases from the body. Wind not only refers to the gastric and intestinal gases but also to wind...

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  • anti rethamic
    Good effects Of Anti-Rheumatic Exercises

                        Anti-Rheumatic Exercises TOE BENDING AND ANKLE BENDING Exercise-1: Toe Bending Assume base posture– sitting on the floor with legs stretched directly in front of the body. Place...

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  • CompleteYoga
    Yoga for the Beginners Group

    This is the group for people who have never practiced yoga before, who are weak and infirm /sick in any way and thus unable to do the difficult asanas. This group consists of elementary techniques designed to...

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