• spinal t
    Spinal Twist Asanas

    SPINAL TWIST ASANAS The few asanas in this section supplement the backward and forward bending asanas. Every asana program should include at least one asana from this group, preferably following the practice of the forward and backward...

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  • surya
    Surya Namaskara

    Surya Namaskara A SPECIAL SET OF EXERCISES- NOT PART OF THE BASIC YOGIC EXERCISES Surya namaskara or salutation to the sun does not form part of yogic exercises but is an excellent method of loosening up all...

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  • standing
    Backward Bending Asanas

    BACKWARD BENDING ASANAS The asanas in this section are essentially beneficial for the spine and abdominal muscles. These help in toning and strengthening the muscles supporting the spine and reduce risks of slip disc and other back...

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