• Milk
    Healthy Milk Makes Your Health Healthy

    Milk is a efficient source of vitamins, protein and minerals. Milk gives many following beneficial nutrients :- Vitamin A- for good immune function and eyesight Folate- production of healthy cells calcium- for healthy teeth and bones Vitamin...

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    How Garlic is beneficial for health

    Garlic has been used throughout the history for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Garlic is the most common ingredients in Indian dishes. Garlic has been considered as the “Wonder Drug”. It’s delicious flavor and health benefits have...

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  • diet2
    Have a healthy diet to keep your body healthier

    For healthy diet each day you should eat bread, cereal, rice and at least 3 servings should be from whole grains. Save fat-­laden baked goods such as donuts, croissants and muffins for an occasional treat. Most fruits...

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